Come and grab some Swappable prizes

Come and grab some Swappable prizes

Do you want some exclusive NFT goodies? Guess what – You don’t need to sell a kidney.

We're kicking off the launch of Swappable with a crazy competition, so put your socks on and warm up your keyboard, because you too are invited. Yeehaw!

What is Swappable? Swappable is special, just like you. An NFT interface with exclusive drops, where you can create NFTs in just a couple of clicks. It's so easy to use even your granny will turn into cryptogranny.

To join the competition, click here. Enjoy the process, catch the community vibe, geek out talking NFTs and interact with world class artists. The Swappable community is about to become your new home on the internet.

Entered already? Do not fear, with 8 ways to enter you can participate with multiple entries.

Here’s a quick peek at the prizes up for grabs...

  • 1st place = An NFT created by our featured launch artist 🤯
  • 2nd place to 5th place = $250 worth of SWAP tokens
  • 6th place to 40th = TrustSwap NFT wearable hats and hoodies
  • 41st place to 50th =  Subscription to The Crypto App

Don’t sleep on this! Get involved here.