HUGE Soccer NFT Drop Coming Soon 🤯

HUGE Soccer NFT Drop Coming Soon 🤯

Attention Swappable community!

Get ready for a MASSIVE NFT drop featuring an extremely rare and valuable piece of artwork that is about to be tokenized on the blockchain. Heads are going to turn across the art world, the NFT community, and soccer fans across the globe when the announcement of this epic drop is shared. Keep an eye out for updates real soon!

Swappable users will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a unique piece of soccer history, in the way of the physical art piece and its tokenized NFT counterpart. This piece originates from a small collection that is so rare, it's kept locked in an underground vault by one of the largest art custodians in the world! Opportunities to own this piece or an NFT of this caliber rarely happen.

The hype around the drop is going to be next level! Curious to know more about it? Here's a clue - it has been signed by the global superstars of one of the biggest soccer games in history, a FIFA World Cup Final!

The artwork itself is a unique high-quality lithography piece, depicting the history and the future of the organizing country of that year's Fifa World Cup Tournament, alongside the presence of one of the most popular political figures in world history! Any guesses?

This drop is going down in history and this will most likely be your only ever chance to buy it. We’ll be revealing more soon, so stay tuned for updates in the Swappable community channels - and if you join through the launch competition you'll be in with a chance to win exclusive NFTs and prizes.