Unlock rare T1 NFTs and real-world utilities in the Mystery Box drop

Unlock rare T1 NFTs and real-world utilities in the Mystery Box drop

T1 fans, NFT lovers, and immortals.

Do you like mysteries? You are going to love this. We thought it would be fun to organize a bit of adrenalin rush for all you T1 junkies out there.

Brace yourself for the T1 Mystery Box NFT drop.

Here is the plan:

  • You purchase a T1 Mystery Box for 0.035 ETH on the MATIC Blockchain.
  • The box contents get randomly assigned.
  • You have no idea which NFT you might unlock, or if it contains winning utilities until it's airdropped to you at the end of the tournament final on Sunday 17th.

There are 1,500 Mystery boxes in total, and mark our words, these are going to sell out fast. It's a first-come, first-served basis. So when they're gone, they're gone. If you miss out, your only chance to own one of these NFTs or included utilities will be to purchase on the T1 secondary marketplace.

Rarity Tiers

There are 1,500 mystery boxes to unlock each containing a T1 NFT from one of five rarity tiers, ranging from Common to Legendary. Each NFT is infused with the character traits of the 2021 T1 Dota 2 teams favorite heroes, with 25 tradable NFTs in total. Here's an overview of the rarity tiers and the number of NFTs available for each rarity tier.

  • Common: 1050 NFTs
  • Rare: 300 NFTs
  • Epic: 120 NFTs
  • Ultra Rare: 25 NFTs
  • Legendary: 5 NFTs

Unlock T1 Utilities

T1 is back for round-2 after their Genesis Collection, this time to lock up more additional utilities into some of the mystery boxes, only for the NFT holder. You want to know what utilities you unlock? This will all be revealed soon.

Win TrustSwap Launchpad allocations to NFT Champions

Some of these boxes will contain crazy allocation prizes for SIGMA studios’ upcoming NFT Champions Launchpad on TrustSwap. You can win:

  • Rare NFTs: 1 x additional allocation into the public round
  • Epic NFTs: 2 x additional allocations into the public round
  • Ultra Rare: Up to $2k allocation in the private round
  • Legendary NFTs: Up to $10k allocation in the private round

And if this isn't enough... At the time of the TrustSwap Launchpad snapshot, if you hold either of the T1's first Genesis NFTs (THE FIRST or GANG) you will get a $10k allocation to the private round, or if you hold any of the five team player NFTs you will get a $2k allocation to the private round. Wow!

Are you ready to play?

You can buy your mystery boxes here.

Keep your eyes on our Telegram and Twitter channels for updates.

* the maximum allocation to the NFT Champions Launchpad per user is 20k in the private round and 15x allocation in the public round. The snapshot will be taken on Tuesday 19th at 9am PST.