Swappable is in Decentraland - Come and give us a high five

Swappable is in Decentraland - Come and give us a high five

Did you know that you can visit us in Decentraland?

Come and say hi.

Decentraland is a virtual world powered by Ethereum where folks can buy parcels of land and build nearly anything they wish - an NFT gallery, a venue for metaverse events, your own virtual mansion, pretty much anything else you can imagine is possible. In Decentraland, avid NFT collectors proudly display and offer some of their finest NFTs for sale.

TrustSwap, the parent company of Swappable own a virtual premise in the Decentraland Crypto Valley, the hotspot of crypto giants including Matic, Coingecko, and Binance. The area used to be not so crowded, but that is now changing with everyone flocking into the metaverse.

Come and visit the TrustSwap HQ, and let’s get the party started.

How to locate TrustSwap in Decentraland?

Every location or spot in Decentraland has an X coordinate, and a Y coordinate, each ranging from -150 to +150. TrustSwap's exact coordinates are (52,13), so head to these coordinates on the map and you'll find the HQ standing tall and prominent. We have some friendly neighbours, look out for the big whale next door and the high calibre art galleries in our vicinity.

Once you've landed in Decentraland and connected your Metamask wallet, you will find yourself in the Genesis Plaza, the central default location of the virtual world. From there you can choose to visit any location in Decentraland by using the exact coordinates, and by the old-fashioned method of travelling on foot to explore.

To visit TrustSwap's HQ, just press 'Enter', then in the newly opened chat window on the bottom left, type: /goto 52,13. Or, if this all sounds like effort, just simply click here to be teleported straight to the TrustSwap HQ.

So what can you do once you've reached TrustSwap HQ?

This is up to you. You will most likely see other avatars leisurely checking out the TrustSwap building and its fine architecture. Approach and say hi, just wave a hand, or show some of your dance moves - dancing out of the blue is considered normal among the denizens of the metaverse and you will still be considered sane.

Set over seven floors with a rooftop terrace, the TrustSwap metaverse HQ features a large screen for live-streaming events and announcements, and a dedicated gallery for some of the finest digital art pieces to be found on Swappable. This will also be the spot where we organize future Swappable events for the community – and you’ll definitely want to attend those because we always have tons of airdrops and giveaways for our guests.

When you're visiting, keep your eyes peeled for fellow Swappable and TrustSwap community members repping their Trustswap hoodies and caps - feel free to start a chat or just say how awesome we are.

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